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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Bux PTRs The Complete List December 2008

Free Advertising

Site NamePer ClickReferral ClickAds/DayPayoutMinimum?Payout MethodPayout Time
Bux To Ads$0.01
25+Ads Only$2.00ConversionInstant
Neo Bux$0.01
AdverBuxFractional centsFractional cents10+Cash$20.00AlertPay/PayPal?
PTC Nation$0.01
6+Cash$5.00AlertPay/PayPal24 Hours
10 Bux$0.01
7+Cash$10.00AlertPay/PayPal75+ Days
12+Cash$10.00 + 200 adsAlertPay Only30 to 60 Days
Clix Sense$0.01
Hits 4 Pay$0.02
20+Cash$10.00PayPal72 Hours
Aurora Bux$0.01 $0.014+Cash$10.00AlertPay7 Days
Earn 3$0.005
Bux Safe$0.015 $0.00754+Cash$5.00PayPal7 Days
AlertPay or Payoneer60+ Days
Bux 3
Cash$10.00AlertPay60+ Days
Bux Clicks
Cash$10.00AlertPay30+ Days
Bux P
Alert Pay
45 Days
Cash Bux
Clix Sense
Check by mail
Earn 3
Extra 10
Hits 4 Pay
Nation Clicks
48 Hours
Oso Bux
$4.00+ 50 Clicks

Smith Bux
Think Bux
V Linx
Word Linx
48 Hours
World Clix

Now to the details:

Neo Bux [Joined 03 May 2008]
12/24/2008 Total number of members: over 2,000,000
Ads Viewed: 1770
Referrals (Direct): 6
Referrals (Rented): 354
Referrals' Visits: 39405
Balance: $ 0.83
Golden Pack Balance: $34.00/$290
Cashout Minimum: $3.00
Premium Membership: $60.00 per year
Total Amount Converted: $387.602
Total Amount Paid: $20.405
Total Invested: $245.00
01 January 2009: I got 2 more direct refs today that were visitors of this blog! Thanks goes to new Neobux users
volv and corrob.
20 December 2008: I'm sending most of my earnings into the Golden Pack Balance in order to upgrade to that level of service. Used Mini Rental Queue to successfully add 25 more refs.
13 December 2008: I invested another $20 via PayPal to take advantage of the new "Mini Rental Queue". Added 25 refs, supposed to take 1 hour. Rental Queue works 25 refs added!
11 December 2008: I won 1 prize in one mini referral jackpot, 10 more refs
04 December 2008: I won 1 prize in one mini referral jackpot, 10 more refs
30 November 2008: I won 1 prize in one mini referral jackpot, 10 more refs
28 November 2008: I won 2 prizes in two mini referral jackpots, 20 more refs
16 November 2008: I won 1 prize in one mini referral jackpot, 10 more refs
04 November 2008: I received 11 rental refs as compensation for donation made during the PayPal fiasco.
03 November 2008: I won 3 prizes in one mini referral jackpot, 30 more refs
01 November 2008: I won 1 prize in one mini referral jackpot, 10 more refs
27 October 2008: I won 2 prizes in one mini referral jackpot, 20 more refs
26 October 2008: I won 1 prize in one mini referral jackpot, 10 more refs
21 October 2008: I won 1 prize in one mini referral jackpot, 10 more refs
19 October 2008: I won 1 prize in one mini referral jackpot, 10 more refs
17 October 2008: I won 2 prizes in one mini referral jackpot, 20 more refs
14 October 2008: Rented 3 more referrals today, that's all they had. In other news, Pay Pal removed the freeze on Neobux's account and the admin said he'd put refs in everyone's account who donated money. I gave about $3.00 worth.
07 October 2008: Successfully rented 30 more referrals today!
03 October 2008: I won 3 referral jackpots, 130 more refs!
02 October 2008: I won 2 prizes in one mini referral jackpot, 20 more refs
27 September 2008: I won another mini referral jackpot, 10 more refs!
23 September 2008: I won a referral jackpot and got 10 referrals added to my account.
18 September 2008: There's a new click the ads requirement in order to boost referral clicks. Not clicking diminishes the amount of money earned from referrals each day. Since we're all someone's referral we all have to click.
01 September 2008: Wow, passed the 1 million member mark and still none of the problems associated with sites like I bought 24 tickets for MegaJackpot at 10 cent each.
30 August 2008: I requested my first payout today just to see if "Instant Payment" claim was true. Oh, it's true alright. I had my money in my AlertPay account in less than 5 minutes. This beats all other "bux" sites with their excuses as to why you have to wait over 6 months for payment. If Neo Bux can pay you instantly, there is no excuse why the others cannot do the same.
17 July 2008 Purchased Golden Membership via PayPal
06 July 2008 Rented 30 referrals for 1 month
04 July 2008 This is my new favorite PTR. Renting referrals will keep them "fresh" because sometimes they stop clicking after 30 days anyway.
03 July 2008 Moved $3.00 to Renting Balance
28 June 2008 Rented 50 referrals for 1 month

PTCNation - Control your financial destiny!

PTC Nation [Joined 04 October 2008]
12/26/2008 Total number of members: 33,238
Ads Viewed: 118
Referrals (stats): 110
Referrals' Visits: 3747
Balance: $ 20.6100
Cashout Minimum: $5.00
Premium Membership: $10.00 per month, 3 months for $30.00, 6 months for $50.00 or $90.00 per year
Total Amount Paid: $0.00
Total Invested: $40.00
13 December 2008: Rented 100 more refs for $35.00
12 December 2008: 2 cents per ad clicked must have been a glitch, now back to 1 cent per ad clicked.
06 December 2008: My VIP status allows me to get 2 cents per ad clicked. Rented 10 refs for $5.00.
27 November 2008: Site is in relaunch mode. Version 2.0
27 November 2008: Site is down. Main site says "Be right back"
22 November 2008: Site is up and running, the bugs have been worked out, as a reward for joining during the pre-launch stage I have been upgraded to VIP status until 2 April 2009 (a $90.00 value).
04 October 2008: Site crashed already, this has to be a new record. Same day joined, looked at 4 ads and the site crashes.
04 October 2008: In pre-launch stage, all balances will be reset to zero upon Grand Opening, top 3 clickers get a cashout.

10 Bux [Joined 15 March 2008]
12/30/2008 Total number of members: 188,136
Ads Viewed: 991
Referrals (stats): 35
Referrals' Visits: 4514
Balance: $ 2.898 [47.16]
Cashout Minimum: $10.00
Amount Converted: $4.00
Premium Membership: $9.90 per month, $69.00 per year, $299.00 lifetime
Total Amount Paid: $11.00
Total Invested: $88.45
07 December 2008: Wating time to get paid 56 days
27 November 2008: Anti-cheat link added to bottom of ads. Do Not Click It.
12 October 2008: Requested a cashout of the whole $48.16 via AlertPay, the countdown starts today.
30 September 2008: Site is back! Was shut down by DDoS attacks, but the found a host that offers some protection from these attacks. No Block Dos yet (which I think is the one causing the attacks)
07 September 2008: Site is still down. If it remains down after 22 September 2008 I will declare it "dead" and move it to the Defunct PTRs page.
30 August 2008: Firefox can't find the server at
Comments: Part of the PaidClicks network
Requested $21.00 via AlertPay on 03 June 2008 0845/Receive maybe on 27 June 2008
Requested $11.00 via AlertPay on 04 May 2008 0938. Received on 28 May 2008. Not bad, 24 days later. Beats 60+ days later. Payouts to AlertPay. Ads $0.01 each 04 July 2008: Still no payout, looking more and more like in terms of payouts.

Bux2 Wait [Joined 16 November 2007]
12/20/2008 Total number of members: 11,759,010
Ads Viewed: 2771
Referrals (stats): 136
Referrals' Visits: 47480
Balance: $ 585.7425
Cashout Minimum: $10.00
Premium Membership: $59.00 per year
Total Amount Paid: $16.00
Total Amount Invested: $197.81 [Premium Membership + 135 referrals]
Total time waiting for payout: 260 Calendar Days, 200 Business Days, 37 Weeks.
26 December 2008: The board is back up and the good news is they have to use a backup copy from June 2008 which was before my getting banned. So my old login info works just fine.
11 December 2008: Buxbb bulletin board is down. It no longer serves the purpose of generating more sales/suckers.
13 December 2008: Bots started clicking again, 20 more clicks (was 47460, now 47480).
10 December 2008: No longer able to access "My History" links on members page. Page loads really slow and the this is what comes up: "Oops! This link appears broken. Page not found - unknown error."
01 November 2008: "George" is back on the board posting updates to keep the carrot just in front of everyone's nose. The "bots" must be tied to my clicking because the refs figure has gone up again.
12 October 2008: One of my "bots" must have started clicking again, 2 more refs visits.
04 October 2008: Shh... Don't tell anyone, but I got back on the board. I now have three or more usernames so I can keep up with what's going on.
28 September 2008: I just got booted from the board, Must Not Let The Truth Get Out.....Must Stifle All Opposing Viewpoints. I wonder if it was all the Blacksmith variables I added to my "Friends" list or just the posts I made. I bet it was that asshat mod TaichouInkei who doesn't like me pointing out his lack of sense of humor. Perhaps, it was my Rate Point review where I told them with their current staffing levels they could not possibly complete 1,000,000 of their 12,000,000 member's payout requests in less than 400 weeks minimum time. Trying to reconnect now. Maybe it was this post[#257 entry560839] that did me in.
27 September 2008: ThaJEW posted on BuxBB about how many people had working on the payments and we figured out how long it would take with various member amounts. The figure I came up with for my account was 376 weeks. In true Gestapo fashion the mods decended upon this thread and locked it, then put it in the graveyard and booted ThaJEW from the board. Must not allow the truth to get out. ThaJEW is the seventh username for this guy so I'm sure he'll be back.
26 September 2008: Refs started clicking again, 47158 is the number of ref visits, 47115 was the old number. 43 more visits from refs who quit clicking 30 days ago?
21 September 2008: One of the "ads" is to a link in the message board telling us how this bloke got paid in 217 calendar days. Using that logic my payment should be here on 13 November 2008, we'll see.
14 September 2008: All but maybe two of the referrals have stopped clicking, referral visits went from 47113 to 47115. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be the waiting time for payout?
Ads $0.01 each. Payouts to AlertPay, Payoneer MasterCard, No e-Gold. I have done the following: Upgraded to premium membership for $59.00, I purchased 135 referrals and referred 1 for a total of 136, and I've applied and received the MC in an effort to collect my money faster. The MC seems to be the best way to get the money. I got my first payment on 09 April 2008. $16.00 arrived in my AlertPay account 88 calendar days after my request. This is 62 "business" days after 12 January 2008. I requested my next payout of $272.00 on 10 April 2008. This payout should have been here in 30 "business" days around 24 May 2008. It has 121 Calendar Days, 86 Business Days, 15 Weeks. Little wonder why there are so many "non-believers" referenced in the message boards. They say they'll have the backlog fixed in 4 weeks, but they don't say when the 4 weeks began. It could be 4 weeks from never. 4 weeks from 28 July 2008 will be 18 August 2008, I hope I get my loot by then. Stay tuned I'll post it here when/if I do.

AdBux [Joined 04 October 2007]
01/01/2009 Total number of members: 998,626
Ads Viewed: 246
Referrals (stats): 40
Referrals' Visits: 708
Total Points Balance: 11.25575
Current Point Value: 1.0
Actual Cashout Value: $11.26
Cashout Minimum: $10.00/$25.00
Premium Membership: $9.95 per month, $49.95 for 6 months, $89.95 per year
Total Amount Invested: $60.00
Total Amount Paid: $0.00
Comments: This one is a fractional point/cent PTC and that is not worth anyone's time or effort.
28 December 2008: Site now has annnoying corner peeling ad on every page viewed.
26 December 2008: I added a count up widget to show the time that has passed waiting for my loot.
29 November 2008: I hit the cashout button and it said I would get my money in 72 hours, we'll see.
06 October 2008: A referral made a click! 708 is the new number, wow! Perhaps this is the reason: From the cashout section of the site "Payment Request Option Not Available. AdBux Member Accounts "Audit Review" in Progress. " Those goalposts keep getting further and further away. Yep, this one sucks.
01 September 2008 My 40 referrals haven't recorded any clicks, 707 was the same number as last month. Probably figured these fractional cent paying ads and these silly "offers" aren't worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell. That and the new requirement to complete offers every 14 days BS. The latest last click was 26.54 days ago. Yep, this one turned to crap.
27 July 2008 It has been clarified that the new requirement to complete and offer every 14 days applies only to new members. Further details are here: AdBux Blog I had received and email that omitted the word "New" between the words "All Members" and I took that to mean the goal posts were once again being moved and now if you didn't comply you would be purged from the system. The email was written in ALL CAPS in places and the words ALL MEMBERS was in RED. I wrote the support and told them what I thought of this new idea and they have since corrected the email and wrote about it on their blog. My guess is they will be having more offers than ads in the future hence the need for the new change. Old members are not required to complete offers so as to keep membership numbers high so advertisers will place ads on this site.
Comments: 26 July 2008 Now you'll have to complete an offer once every 14 calendar days or you'll be deemed inactive and purged from the system. You still can't cashout due to the never ending audit so now it's clear AdBux has no intentions whatsoever of ever paying anyone anything.
20 July 2008 No longer showing as shares, shows points instead. Point value is 1.0. This is what you get when you try to cashout "Payment Request Option Not Available. AdBux Member Accounts "Audit Review" in Progress... " Those goal posts keep moving further away.
16 June 2008: 15.85425 left to go, used to be $0.85425 left to go! They just keep moving the goal posts further and further away. Yep, yet another PTR that is beginning to suck.
30 May 2008: We will begin allowing cashouts in a couple of months to allow the current share value to mature. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when we start! Premium users can get paid daily while regular users will get paid monthly. I upgraded to Premium for 6 months, I subscribed to AutoLine for 1 month, and purchased 20 referrals. Current payment methods are AlertPay.