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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Act of Contrition

Folks, I have made a grave mistake in accusing Preston Vonderwell of fraud with regards to the disposition of his sites The Titan Cash Network. I have come across new information that supports his position and my accusation is without merit. In short I am wrong and he is right.

The Titan Cash Network is now owned by 2 Exact with offices in New York, NY - 917-677-5261 and Beverly Hills, CA - 323-375-2813. The sites are visible plain as day on the front page of their website here:

Proof of the sale was posted on PTC Talk on August 02, 2008 in response to poster clancy2 who came to the same conclusion I had that is was all a hoax or a scam. It was not. Proof beyond reasonable doubt shown below.


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