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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wow , This Looks Familar

UPDATE: The Truth All the text below is wrong. Go to "The Truth" link to learn why and to see the proof.

Say, this looks a lot like the Titan Cash Networks "Auction"

It seems that our boy Preston Vonderwell is back again supposedly selling his last site: Advercash.

Perhaps at fractional cents per ad he cannot make enough money to stay afloat financially. I wonder if the same "Phantom Buyer" will miraculously come up with the $25,000 Buy It Now Price like happened the last time when he got zero bids for the Titan Cash Network.

Here's his Feedback score:

Feedback Score: 0

This user has not yet received any feedback.

How is this possible? He sold one set of sites for $20,000 and the buyer left no feedback? Probably because it's all just a ruse. There was no sale, there was no buyer, therefore no feedback.

Stay tuned folks, this story is developing...

We'll now be looking for people screwed over from Advercash as well as from his other sites.

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